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Fligth to Kidney

Franck Thilliez


What's left to sell when poverty took it all? Your body, whole or by bits... “As she was unwrapping a brand new pair of Jimmy Choos, while all he had unwrapped this last two to three years were the pills he couldn't live without anymore, in between dialysis as he always was, she suddenly noticed her husband was troubled. — What's wrong with you? — I've met him, he breathed. He's 29 and has a wife called Haniya. He's a pauper. He doesn't read nor write and barely has enough to survive. He didn't even know what a kidney was.” Best-seller author Franck Thilliez offers a short story which is just as documented as his well-known thrillers. It gets its facts from the harsh iniquities of our world where cash is king. Ska is very proud to have Franck Thilliez in its catalogue.

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