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A Guide to Identifying Terrorists Through Body Language

Lillian Glass, D. Vincent Sullivan


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It’s not just Osama Bin Laden anymore.

It’s the people all around you - from coworkers to your next-door neighbor. From domestic terrorists and serial killers to troubled students and homicidal exes, violent people are living right here among us.

But we don’t have to count on patience and providence to get us through. In A Guide to Identifying Terrorists Through Body Language, renowned body-language expert and bestselling Toxic People author Dr. Lillian Glass reveals the visual cues, characteristics, and behaviors we need to identify the most dangerous people in our midst - in only seconds. In this book she teams up with former FBI Special Agent D. Vincent Sullivan where they both draw upon decades of experience. Her expertise in body language, vocal forensics, and behavioral analysis, and his experience as a former member of the Joint Terrorist Task Force provide you with the the same instruction, information, and insight they have provided to law enforcement, the justice system, and Homeland Security, among others. Complete with real-life scenarios and case studies, this groundbreaking handbook is the protection we upstanding citizens need to keep ourselves, our families, and our society free from harm.


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