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The Eton Affair : Unforgettable story of first love and infatuation

William Coles


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'Charming, moving, uplifting. Why can't all love stories be like this?' Tunku Varadarajan, The Wall Street JournalSeventeen-year-old schoolboy Kim is an idle drifter at one of Britain's most extraordinary institutions, Eton College - crammed with over a thousand boys and not a girl in sight. His head is full of the Falklands War and a possible army career, until the day he hears his new piano teacher, the beautiful but pained India, playing Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier. Kim's life is destined never to be the same again.An intensely passionate affair develops and he wallows in the wild and unaccustomed thrill of first love. Twenty-five years on, Kim recalls that heady summer and how their fledgling relationship was so brutally snuffed out - finished off by his enemies, by the constraints of Eton, and by his own withering jealousy.A bittersweet story of a life-changing love.What Reviewers and Readers Say:'This is a charming and uplifting book' Piers MorganWhat a read! Every schoolboy’s dream comes true in this deftly-written treatment of illicit romance. A triumph’ Alexander McCall Smith'The Eton Affair is a beautiful book, managing to use a simple narrative voice without consequently bland style - honesty, beauty, and passion pervade the novel but so do humour, youthfulness and energy' Stuck in a Book'The Eton Affair is an outstanding debut novel. A wonderful story of first love. Few male authors can write about romance in a way which appeals to women - but Coles has managed it quite brilliantly' Sunday Express'My own piano teacher was called Mr Bagston and frankly I don't think any power on earth could have persuaded us to create a scene of the kind Coles so movingly describes!' Boris Johnson‘Passionate and excruciatingly compelling’, USA popular literary blog'The writing is such that regardless of how much appeal the setting of Eton should have for all the Anglophiles out there, the delicate and deliberate prose will be what ensures the devotion of the reader until the very last page' Alcott and Earhart literary blog‘A brilliantly plotted and paced evocation of an affair between a 17-year-old schoolboy and his 23-year-old piano teacher in Eton in the spring of 1982, the Falklands war rumbling in the background’ The Oldie'This is a delightful story that tumbles along, building tension again and again as both Kim and India throw caution to the wind putting their illicit love affair in constant danger of exposure' The Small Press Review'It encompasses all the emotions of being in love, but also of lust, envy, and worries for the future; this is certainly one to read again' Student Direct, the UK's leading student newspaper‘One of the most romantic books I have ever read, beautifully written and characterised' Amazon‘the book is a thorough-going dissection of first love and, more specifically, first jealousy’‘Reading Coles' book has inspired me not only to listen more carefully and frequently to the Bach piano music which sits, ever ready, in my PC’s iTunes Library…[but to play it]’ Musings from a Muddy Island


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